How To Easily Expand Your Company’s Content Marketing to Social Media

How To Easily Expand Your Company’s Content Marketing to Social Media

Even if you currently have an expansive traditional marketing department, your company could potentially be missing out on the fruitfulness of using social media platforms to advertise your services. Social media has taken off in recent years as one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to promote content and expand corporate marketing efforts. Whether your company hasn’t started social profiles yet at all or whether you simply need some help expanding your current campaigns, here’s what you can do right away to easily expand into social media content marketing.

Start Posting on Your Company’s LinkedIn Page

Of all the social media sites out there, LinkedIn is perhaps one of the top options for projecting a professional image. This workplace-oriented site allows companies and individuals to start pages where you can post resume-style information, share interesting articles, or even advertise job openings. If your company is not currently active on LinkedIn, now may be the perfect time to start a profile!

Open Instagram and Facebook Accounts To Stay Connected With Your Customers

No matter what sector your business works in, there’s a good chance that many of your customers are active on Instagram and Facebook. These two top social media sites offer companies the chance to conduct marketing that easily fits into consumers’ everyday lives. On your company’s Instagram and Facebook pages, you can regularly post content, promote new products, and much more. For example, your business might:

  • Post images of your brick-and-mortar stores or the company’s latest products to your Instagram page
  • Use your Facebook page to announce upcoming events that customers may be interested in attending
  • Follow loyal customers on Instagram and add them as friends on Facebook

Synchronize Posts Across All of Your Social Media Accounts

Finally, consider synchronizing your content marketing efforts across all of your company’s social media accounts. This strategy not only saves your marketing team time and energy but can also prove more effective in getting a unified and strong message out to your target audience. When you create a new blog post, for instance, you can post it to your LinkedIn page and advertise it on your Facebook and Instagram profiles at the same time.

When your company decides to double down on content marketing efforts and needs to make the most of available marketing resources, be sure to strengthen and expand your efforts across several key social media platforms. In today’s competitive marketing environment, having effective social media accounts and making regular posts can help boost any campaign and can help companies reach their target demographics more easily.