3 Ways To Advertise Your Small Business Online

3 Ways To Advertise Your Small Business Online

Have you tried running local promotions and are looking for ways to further your reach online? If so, then it sounds like online advertising is your next step. Advertising online allows you to see specifically how many people were brought to your website and from where, which helps you better direct where your advertising budget should go. Additionally, you can specifically target ideal prospects, such as women between the age of 18-and 35, who searched for black high heels. There are many ways to advertise your business online, but here are 3 of the most popular ones. 

1. Social Media

Social media is one of the best places to spend your advertising budget because a wide variety of people so heavily traffics it. Social media ad revenue makes up approximately 30% of all internet ad revenue annually. A major draw to advertising on social media platforms is that many allow you to advertise your web page or publicize an event like a product launch or special promotion. Additionally, some social media platforms allow you to select your target audience by specifying age, location, and interests.

2. Display and Banner Advertising

Display banners are small, rectangular ads that appear on various websites and directly link to your website. One of the reasons this kind of online advertising is so popular is that it is extremely easy to produce and publish. Additionally, they are highly measurable and allow you to easily see what your advertising cost per sale is. 

When purchasing space on websites to place your banner, choose appropriate sites. If you sell makeup, it won’t make sense to place your banner on a camping website. However, it would make sense to put it on a clothing website. Let the banners do the work for you, so make the best use of them. 

3. Keyword Advertising

By far, this is the best method of advertising online. Websites and search engines often have small ads embedded with URLs, which interested parties then click on. This is a popular method with users because they aren’t forced to watch ads they aren’t interested in and click on the ad only if they are interested in it. This method is also good for businesses because the user that clicks is more likely to be interested in your product of what information you are offering. Furthermore, businesses only have to pay for the actual click over to their website, as opposed to paying for an ad that is always there.