5 Tips To Grow Your Company’s YouTube Channel

Video marketing can be a powerful tool, and YouTube is the largest social media platform dedicated entirely to it. It has been around since 2005 and attracts over 30 million visitors per day. If your business does not have a presence on YouTube, you are missing a huge opportunity.

Setting up a channel for your business is the first step. Once you have a profile, you are ready to begin your marketing strategy with these simple steps.

1. Speak to Your Audience

Many businesses make the mistake of creating content to go viral. While that can be great publicity, it should not be your primary focus. Build a following by considering who your audience is and creating content for them. This will not happen overnight, so be patient and stick to your strategy.

2. Tag Keywords

When you think of YouTube, videos are what come to mind, but don’t forget that Google owns it. You can tag your videos with keywords and drive traffic to your site. Many small business owners are not using the platform, which leaves the door wide open for opportunity.

You should also offer a call to action (CTA) at the end of your videos. The standard CTA is “like and subscribe.” Brainstorm something more creative that motivates viewers to act.

3. Develop a Style

Spend time planning your channel before you start posting videos. Think about your business’ mission and match content to it. You should also consider the primary objective of your channel. Some examples include:

  • Establish yourself as an expert in a space
  • Drive business to your website
  • Grow your brand

Whatever style you choose, remain consistent with the overall tone of your content.

4. Mix Up Content

Viewers likely do not want to watch the same style of videos repeatedly. Create different types of videos to keep your channel fresh and informative. There are many possibilities, but some options are:

  • Employee interviews
  • Testimonials
  • A Q&A session
  • Collaboration with a referral partner
  • How-to videos

5. Analyze Your Metrics

Once you have established a channel and are posting consistently, you should review how your content is performing. If some posts are more engaging than others, it will help drive future content. It is perfectly normal to tweak your strategy periodically.

YouTube can be a valuable platform for your marketing strategy. Once you have developed a plan and start posting videos, be patient as you grow your audience. Remain true to your brand and have fun engaging with your followers.